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Looking For a Hairstylist Who Cares to Educate You on Your Hair?

Now in days, it is common for most hairstylists to not care about their clients. Stylists these days have become “money hungry” and “fame thirsty.” Some are not even licensed. Uneke Techniques is fully licensed and big on educating their clients about their hair, as well caring for their hair.

So why not join the herd for your journey? You can also, “Be Uneke & Book The Technique.” Book “First Time Natural Hair Client” to get started!

Uneke Techniques wants to start this blog to assist others in their journey near and far. Not just going natural, but being natural is a like a roller coaster itself. It involves a lot of trial and error, ups and downs, and many set backs. Having the right information and tools can make the ride easier. Uneke Techniques wants to make the ride easier.

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