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Having a Hard Time Finding Motivation to Grow Your Hair?

Uneke Techniques length check shirt are a great way to track your hair’s progress. They can be purchased on our website under “Uneke Merch.”


On another note do you have your hair on a schedule? Do you listen to your hair?

If you pay attention your hair can tell you exactly what it needs and when. Everyones hair is not the same. Do not follow another person‘s routine without figuring out your own first.

These are the first steps to put your hair on the right path:

Step 1: Set a schedule

Set a time for you or a stylist to do your hair. Step 2: Be consistent

Never miss an appointment or push “wash day” back. Step 3: Track progress

Dialog your progress and collect data from your hair to learn how to treat it.

These are the first steps to start your journey. More steps will be discussed in the next blog.


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