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Do you see a wig you like, but it's missing something or do you have a vision and want it brought to life?

Either way we can assist you with that. Fill out this form to start building your very own "uneke" wig.

- All wigs are made unekely and to each customers' liking. 

- All lace is transparent.

- All wigs are pre-bleached.

- All wigs are pre-plucked.

- Baby hairs are optional. 

- Turn around when production starts is 5-7 business days. Delayed emails pushes production back. Please respond promptly.

- Shipping is 3-7 business days.

- NO REFUNDS on any custom made wigs. Pictures are sent before send off for approval.

- Deposits can be made, but the wig(s) will not be packaged until the full payment is received. He/she will have 7 business days after the deposit is made to submit the full amount. Otherwise he/she forfeits the right to said wig.

Let's Get Started!

Create your own "Uneke" wig today!


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Thanks for your submission!

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