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Made Uneke was found by Crystal Puckett. The owner of Uneke Techniques. A well known Beauty Oasis. Uneke Techniques is a place to consider for all beauty needs and more. The mission of the company is to make all clients and customers feel one of a kind in their own. Uneke Techniques started out as only a hair journey and has slowly blossomed into an amazing beauty tour. Focusing on all four aspects of beauty; hair, skin, nails, and the mind. Even though Uneke Techniques is a small business, the company has assisted many individuals with discovering their inner beauty and instilling them with the confidence they need. 

Made Uneke was actually founded before Uneke Techniques. The love for hair drifted Crystal to focus more on Uneke Techniques. She took that time to learn and test. The journey proved to be worth the wait. Made Uneke started out as only natural hair products -which have been proven to promote hair and scalp health- to now an ever growing, modern day beauty supply store. The company provides hair products, hair extensions, hair accessories, and even hair education. The business is well rounded to the beauty world.

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